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Your focus is developing sustainable innovations and creating industry game-changers. 

Ours is finding top-notch engineers who can build them.
We’re EngineerX, nice to meet you. 

Strengthen your team with national and international talent

Your team needs an engineer to realize a complex project, but finding a profile that matches your quality needs can be challenging. Allow EngineerX to help you out. We specialize in seeking out exceptional talent for short or long-term projects, across a wide range of engineering disciplines, from automation to electro-engineering and beyond. For that, we don’t limit ourselves to the sparse market in Belgium. We dare to look internationally. 

Engineer found? Then they’ll join your project on our payroll. Want to hire them for the long haul? We can work with a temp-to-perm approach. No risk. Solid matches. That’s our promise.

The benefits of a partnership with us

1  Immediate value

Do you feel a match with an engineer? We help them onboard in your company and integrate into your team so they can make an impact from day one. Do they live abroad? Then we help facilitate their relocation for you. 

2  Flexible hiring

 Impressed by our engineer’s skills? Good news, because you can hire them permanently! By contrast, if it is not the match you hoped, you can let our consultant go without risk and we will match them with another project. 

3   Customized support

Want to hire our engineer after a project but don’t have the budget? 

We don’t want financials to stand in the way of your growth. Keep our engineers on as consultants until your team is ready to expand.

4   Top-notch matching

We screen and select candidates rigorously, making sure they match your team both in competence and culture. That way, they are happier, more likely to stay on and more determined to deliver quality results.

Why are engineers hard to find?

Soon to be published:
'Mastering Workforce Expectations' 

Despite the many books available on employer branding and talent management, HR managers still struggle with finding the right talent. How come? Imke dedicated her master’s thesis to the subject. Once she began at EngineerX, she further developed her research into a practical and holistic guide for HR professionals and decision-makers looking to attract, retain and motivate top talent.

Combining extensive academic research and practical experience, ‘Mastering Workforce Expectations’ offers essential strategies for employer branding and talent management in today’s STEM sector.

Imke Pollaris, HR Manager 

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