Our Expertise

Our Expertise

What our engineers can help you with?

  1. Materials Engineering : Advanced Plastics & Composite Sciences for innovative and cost-reducing recycling techniques
  2. Evaluation and Quality Engineering : Product evaluation and serial production projects
  3. Electrical Design and Engineering : Offshore and E&I sector
  4. Project & Mechanical Engineering : Project & stakeholder management, Cost-Reduction, personnel coaching, and leadership

We specialize in   Industrial Engineering , that means that if you are looking for a  Process Engineer , with a deep interest in  Automation and Robotics , an expertise in  Welding , a love for  Innovation and Improvement  and who fits your  Company Culture , there is a  86% success rate, that we can match and place the right engineer at your project in  2 - 4 weeks .

Besides our areas of expertise in Industrial Engineering, our team is consulting with several experts in the fields of:

  1. Biomedical

  2. Sustainable & Green Energy

  3. Zero Emission Transport

  4. Recycling and Food Waste Management

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