Imke Pollaris

Imke Pollaris

Imke Pollaris is the HR Manager of EngineerX.

She has an MSc in Human Resource Management at the University of Worcester, UK (distinction).
Her dissertation topic “How to Compete in the Market Whilst There is a War for Talent - Responding to Workforce Expectations through Employer Branding and Talent Management” lies closely in line with the core business of EngineerX which focuses on the highly qualified industrial engineers.

Furthermore, Imke obtained the banaba Advanced Business Management (Magma cum laude) and the bachelor of Occupational Therapy (cum laude). Complementary, she graduated from Google’s Digital Masters Academy as a member of the award-winning team. 

During her study as a therapist, she worked with children, adults, and the elderly who had physical and/or psychological disabilities or problems. There she learned the importance of having a place in society and feeling good in your environment. She is convinced that her therapeutic background and holistic view offer extra added value in the HR field.  

As the responsible person for HR management, Imke enjoys having a key role in employer-employee relations and management. On the other hand, she likes to engage in Business strategy, analytical, and legalization-related topics and activities.

Outside of work you can find Imke in all sorts of energetic activities and you can expect a "what you see is what you get" attitude.

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