About Us

Accelerate the World's Transition to Sustainable Technology.

At EngineerX, we're building a community of top mechanical, material, electrical, and aerospace engineers to work on the most challenging and sustainable projects for large industrial organizations. This way, we are actively and passionately contributing to the world’s most innovative engineering challenges by providing the expert knowledge and experience required on a project basis.

Ever since its foundation by Byron Soulopoulos in 2018, EngineerX has taken the time to build strong and relevant relationships. We interact closely with local and international universities, which give us the best insights into potential talent. Meanwhile, we engage in creating a strong network of high profile talents focused on problem solving and efficiency through the use of Interdisciplinary skills, flexibility on demand and peer 2 peer support. 

Because at EngineerX, we truly believe that when the right people connect, great things happen.

Our Team

Our Values


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